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Pellet Stoves

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Not in the mood to carry logs into your room, pellet stoves make heating your room a whole lot easier and with automatic loading it makes refuelling a thing of the past. Pellet stoves combine the beauty of a natural flame with the benefits of a convenient and efficient heating system.

Pellet stoves are one of the cleanest burning stoves in the industry and one 10kg bag of pellets can last 24 hours, making it around 25p an hour to run. They are 50% cheaper than oil and 25% cheaper than natural gas.

You control the stove via an app or a control panel.

CO2 and particles are reduced to a minimum.

Come and see our live display of a MCZ Mood stove who are Europes largest manufacture of pellet stoves.

Pellet Stoves

The MCZ Cute Pellet Stove

The Cute pellet stove can be installed into an existing fireplace or stand alone. 87% efficient.

TECLA 6kw Pellet Stove

A low powered 6kw pellet stove the Tecla has natural convection. A+ energy efficient. The Tecla has a ceramic spark plug so the flame will appear in 3 minutes.

Tecla 6kw Stove
Ray Pellet Stove

Ray Pellet stove

The Ray has 2 air outlets one to heat the room the other can be ducted to another room up to 8 metres away. It is a very slim stove 28.6cm, suitable for a hallway or smaller room. The no air function allows you to exclude the forced ventilation in the stove ensuring maximum silence. Eco Design ready for 2022. A+ energy efficient. The flue can be positioned at the back or from the top.


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