Chimney Repair

Does your chimney need repair or replacing?


A leaking chimney can create significant damp to a property, and a falling chimney can cause significant damage and injury to people. At Romsey Woodburners we’re experienced in all aspects of chimney repair.


A sure sign of a leaking chimney is when the chimney breast or adjacent wall on the ground floor shows signs of damp, while the upper floor walls are dry. If you see these signs or you find bits of brick on the ground by the chimney, give us a call immediately.


Romsey Woodburners can keep your chimney in great condition and are also highly experienced in replacing and building new chimneys.


As well as repairing and building chimneys we can carry out all the lead work than may be required. We guarantee all of our work for up to 15 years and offer a friendly and professional service.


 •  Chimney repair

 •  New chimneys built

 •  Lead-work carried out

 •  Chimney pot replacement

 •  Free quotes available

 •  All work guaranteed

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chimney on a roof of house