Wood Burner Ban a Reality?

Wood Burner Ban a Reality?

You may have heard in the media recently the inflammatory remarks made by Michael Gove regarding ‘strong, urgent action’ needed to improve the air we breath, the solution being to apparently to introduce a wood burner ban.

Whilst we do appreciate that breathing is important and clean air is fantastic, there are a few facts that we would like to introduce to the argument.

Firstly, the hysteria that has arisen from hyperbolic headlines can be eased somewhat by The Guardian, which wrote in 2018 that Mr. Gove won’t impose a wood burner ban at Government level more at local authority level, simply because the main targeted area will be London. Therefore, anyone living outside of London, where stove and fire use is less concentrated are far less likely to be on the receiving end of any type of ban.

Secondly, the culprits are identified as stoves that are of a certain age, and where the logs used are wet/damp. The onus will therefore fall on the owner of the stove to purchase logs that are dry. So, the problem shifts from the stove itself to the fuel. At Romsey Wood Burners the fuel you use is an important part of the choice. Wood is considered a Carbon Neutral Fuel therefore, choosing an approved supplier who ensures that new trees are planted should be enough. There are other, more eco-friendly fuel options available for demonstration at our showroom, ask about our range of pellet stoves or watch Ray demonstrate the MCZ Pellet Stove here

Thirdly, wood burners being a major culprit in the pollution of air isn’t backed up by Alison Cook, director of policy at the British Lung Foundation, who welcomed better monitoring and alerts for people, but warned: “Most importantly we can’t lose focus on transport as a main culprit for air pollution.”

So, whilst Mr. Gove has moved on to start a war on scented candles, we just wanted to bring some common sense into the discussion.

Our doors are always open should anyone want to pop in and ask us any questions about this matter.

Romsey Wood burners offer a wide range of eco-friendly, multifuel wood burners and stoves.

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